Sitinggil is a heritage building, originally used by the ruling ‘Lurah’ of the district. At least 150 years old, it features ornate carved wooden features and old-style charm that encourages all visitors, both Javanese and from further afield, to slow down and enjoy. The name Sitinggil means ‘a raised meeting point’, and both the restaurant and event area is open to the local and extended community for any kind of event; please contact us directly for further details.

In the heart of one of the agricultural hubs of Indonesia, Sitinggil has extensive gardens with well-established nutmeg, clove, durian, jambu and mangostein trees. The back of Sitinggil offers a spectacular view of rice field terraces that are still owned and operated by the locals, framed by famous ancient volcanoes, and available for camping or campfires. ‘Sleep in the forest’ accommodation is also available a short walk away.

Local attractions include serene Rawa Pening lake, a 9th century temple, a huge natural spring water swimming pool, historic Ambarawa and much more. We have also developed several trekking paths to help guests explore, and offer a variety of courses and activities in-house.

Sitinggil is committed to developing eco-tourism, and aims to be plastic-free. Ingredients are all sourced locally, supported by both in-house and local community farms. Employees are from surrounding neighbourhoods, and big-city efficiencies are swapped for the traditional warmth and welcoming hospitality that old-school Java is famous for.



The nearby university town of Salatiga has won national awards repeatedly for being a centre of tolerance, however, we do not serve alcohol and appreciate visitors of all sexes observing a modest dress code (no tank tops or short shorts).


You will also hear the 5x/day Muslim calls to prayer and some passing traffic.

Jl. Raya Muncul Km 7 No 2, (seberang Pabrik Java), Banyubiru, Semarang, Central Java
 Tel: +6287700214777 • WA: +61416379795

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