c h e e s e
This delicious cheese started its’ journey as full cream milk, from small, independent dairy farmers found in the hills of Salatiga. Delivered to Sitinggil directly after the cows are milked, by evening it is already pure, fresh cheese. Nothing is added, watered-down or taken away except natural curding agents, and gourmet spices and additions.


Flavours available are: 

* original                 Rp 175 /gr 

* black pepper      Rp 200 /gr 

* chilli                      Rp 200 /gr 

* oregano               Rp 200 /gr 



* The cheese is handmade and size might vary, but the usual portion is around 300gr.

Order by Saturday evening and get it delivered to semarang or Salatiga the following Tuesday.

To order or for more info please contact: 
WA +62 822 9841 9867