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c a k e s 

At Sitinggil we are committed 'locavores'. Our cakes are handmade with love and care, using as many fresh ingredients from the area as possible. Dairy comes from the cows in the neighbourhood, fruits from the market, and spices and garnishes from our own gardens.

carrot cake

Double-layer, Western-style. Carrots from Kopeng, combined with plenty of fresh, home-made cream cheese frosting. A sophisticated birthday cake, lovely afternoon tea, or dessert.


These use our own pure and fresh cheese. The very next day, we add local eggs, butter and limited sugar, swirled over a simple biscuit base.
Add your choice of topping for a unique, healthier-than-most-desserts, absolutely preservative-free treat direct from Sitinggil. 


Flavours we have made to date include: 


* vanilla and dragon fruit curd 

* coconut

* fresh mango 

* chocolate 
* gula java and lime

We are open to any other flavour suggestions and requests.


* Homemade, the size of the cheesecakes may vary, but the usual diameter is around 26cm.

To order (local delivery via GoJek, Semarang or Salatiga areas), please WA +62 822 9841 9867

Sitinggil Muncul Carrot Cake
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