c o f f e e

Sitinggil is proud to support the local farming cooperative, who are growing smooth, spray-free Robusta coffee in the state-owned forests behind Salatiga.
With absolutely no chemicals or preservatives, hand-picked, roasted and packaged, you can taste the difference. And of course it’s single origin. 


Available either still as beans, or powdered, select from: 


* lanang - the best of all, hand selected      
                                                                          Rp 70.000


* fullwash –as the name suggests, the doublewash      makes the   blend extra-smooth                                                                                                               Rp 50.000

* honey - roasted to ensure the coffee is extra-sweet
                                                                          Rp 50.000

* brand new WINE  Rp 60.000

150gr/package. Do good AND be surprised!

To order WA +61416379795

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