showcasing Salatiga creativity

‘Sitinggil Buatan Lokal’; a little community store, full of hand-made art and handicrafts. Items are strictly sourced from the immediate district, creating an interesting and unique retail environment. From coffee to batik landscapes and eco-leaf print scarfs,  there's something for everyone.

Products are diverse, and from low to high-end, including;

  • Modern, artistic batik wall hangings, shirts,
    and home accessories.

  • Upcycled bags, wallets, jewellery and accessories made from recycled car tyres, army tents and plastic bags.

  • Eco leaf-printed scarves, t-shirts and shirts.

  • Children’s nostalgic village toys.

  • Notebooks, cards and souvenirs from a local
    handicapped society.

  • Spray free Robusta coffee from a local farmer’s collective (and fresh fruit, too, if you are lucky).

Our goal is to support the locals. Full contact information for each of the stockists is available. Please do consider recommending these local artisan retail products to your friends and colleagues.  

Jl. Raya Muncul Km 7 No 2, (seberang Pabrik Java), Banyubiru, Semarang, Central Java
 Tel: +6287700214777 • WA: +61416379795

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