Aug 16 - Mystery dinner


Sitinggil is at least 150 years old. It is located at the foothills of the famous Central Java mountain range that hid brave Indonesian resistance fighters for as long as anyone remembers (including some direct ancestors of the current owners).

Join us for sunset drinks, a simple dinner and a chat around the campfire. Reminisce about the fight for freedom and we will tell you all about the trails and caves that were used to hide whole villages during dark times. We are also promoting a book, Diskriminasi Rasial Di Kota Kolonial, Salatiga 1917 - 1942, that was just published by a young Salatigan, Abel Jatayu Prakosa, writing about the colonial period, for sale 75K.

book, cover of book, colonial history
Cover of "Diskriminasi Di Kota Kolonial" by Abel Jatayu Prakosa

Confirmed bookings only; contact directly for details.