Swim, trek, learn something new

Sitinggil is in the Banyubiru district, tucked away between Ambarawa and Salatiga, which were both important outposts during the era of Dutch occupation of Indonesia. Visit and witness modern Javanese village life, where many families still farm their rice paddies, prepare traditional cuisine on wood fires, and revere Indonesian Islam.


Located off the main road that follows Rawa Pening lake, in tiny Muncul village, it is best known for the popular public swimming pool, fed entirely by one of the multiple fresh water springs in the area. There are also a multitude of sports and sightseeing opportunities; read below for more.

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Take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to explore Central Java and experience her legendary beauty. ‘Sitinggil’ facilitates family, friends or workmates to see rural life. Leaving from behind the house, walk....

Close to Borododur and Yogyakarta, our district has a well-known history of artistic creativity. Some favourites have offered to run short, hands-on, half-day courses exclusively for any ‘Sitinggil’ visitors....

With the newly opened toll roads, Solo and Semarang are only an hour away; Borobodur is an hour and a half (via scenic Kopeng), and the university city of Salatiga is just round the corner. All are great day trips with many points of....