Muncul, Banyubiru-so much to do!

With the new toll roads, Solo and Semarang are only an hour away; Borobodur is only an hour and a half, and the university city of Salatiga is just round the corner. All are great day trips with many points of interest.

There are also an amazing number of things to explore, close to Sitinggil; possibly too many to list here. Aside from walks and courses as mentioned previously, you might also like to :

  • Book a canoeing expedition, at the ‘outbound’ center just a few hundred meters down the road. 

  • Drive up to the Telomoyo look out; a popular selfie spot. 

  • Dine at one of the warungs or restaurants in Muncul, or around the lake ‘Rawa Pening’, just down the road from Sitinggil. Salatiga is also famous as a culinary destination with hundreds of restaurants, warungs and coffeeshops.

  • Take a boat out from ‘Bukit Cinta’ and cruise the serene lake. Consider having a coffee at the warung in the middle! 

  • Walk in the trees and explore outbound activities at ‘Tree Tops’, Kopeng. 

  • Tour the farming cooperatives in the mountains; coffee, spices, fruits and vegetables are being grown organically in the forests surrounding Sitinggil. 

  • Climb up hundreds of stairs to a usually deserted, not-yet-restored little temple ‘Candi Dukuh’ about 5km away.

  • Borrow a bike and cycle round numerous villages, around the lake or up to Salatiga. We can also help put you in contact with local bike clubs. 

  • Visit Kopeng Tree Tops park, in the mountains behind Sitinggil, and buy fresh, hard-to-find mountain-top produce, direct from farmers. 

  • Call in to the train museum, take a tourist trip around the lake on an old steam train, and stop by the possibly-haunted, crumbling Dutch prison in Ambarawa.

  • Check out the beautifully restored Dutch train station at Tuntang.

  • Swim with the fish in the public, spring-water (chemical free) swimming pool across the road from Sitinggil (or even join the Muncul early morning swim club).

  • We also recommend Majic Tours for guided cultural and/or district tours.

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