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Close to Borododur and Yogyakarta, our district has a well-known history of artistic creativity. Some favourites have offered to run short, hands-on, half-day courses exclusively for any ‘Sitinggil’ visitors who are interested.

Here’s some examples of courses available. Please book a minimum of 1 week in advance.

SAPU have one of the best designed and manufactured ranges of upcycled bags and accessories in the world. Learn how to turn discarded tyres into stunning, cutting-edge commercial products, and make your own holiday souvenir!


Mas Cukrus has been a batik artist his whole life. Now resident in ‘Sitinggil’, he specialises in highly creative batik landscapes of the spectacular countryside. Of course he uses traditional wax wands and dyeing methods. Watch, learn, and create something truly unique!


ECO-PRINT pioneered this technique, using leaves and natural dying processes to create the ultimate ‘green’ apparel range. This course will take you through the process, from start

to finish.

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